Betting on Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is a very fast moving sport and if you can find betting in play markets relating to the bigger games, the frantic nature of the action means that there are some excellent profits to be had.

But if you are getting acquainted with this popular North American sport for the first time, what are the popular pre-match markets for you to get involved with?

Win, Lose or…

Straight result betting is provided by the majority of bookmakers and unlike certain other sports, there is a degree of unpredictability to Ice Hockey so there may be some value, depending on the two teams involved.

Ties are quite rare at the end of the regular period and most outlets won’t quote this as a betting option. With some bookmakers however, you can bet on whether a game will go into overtime and prices for this could typically reach the 4.00 figure.


A Word on Side Markets and Match Options

KHL logoIf you are looking to get seriously involved in Ice Hockey betting then it’s good to remember that the league extends way beyond the NHL in America. Naturally, this division will get the most focus and attention but the KHL – Kontinental Hockey League – in Europe is also popular with the betting fraternity.

Another point to bear in mind is that while most bookmakers will be happy to get involved in the result markets, fewer options are available for side betting. So, it pays to choose your provider wisely if you want to steer your money towards this sport.

Having found a bookmaker who is happy to quote on a range of markets, what options are open to you?

Available Side Bets

Ice Hockey side betting is dominated almost entirely by points scoring and you won’t find anything related to individual players within each match. If an established Ice Hockey punter was to look for a long shot, they might turn to the correct score betting which carries some lucrative prices but is extremely hard to predict.

That’s the type of bet where a small stake is advisable but for something a little easier, you could gamble on the total goals scored in any of the three periods. This option is similar to football in the sense that the bookmaker sets a line and you have to decide whether to go over or under.


For example, if you think that three goals will be scored in the first period, bet over the 2.5 line and confirm your bet with your chosen bookmaker.

Other options in the side betting include first team to score, exact total of goals for the combined teams and the winning margin. Spread betting and handicapping are also available for those who want to take their gambling to a more advanced stage.

For fast action and bruising encounters, a game of ice hockey can be hard to beat and from a betting perspective, the quick pace of the game leads to a thrilling experience in a sport where there are almost 100 markets to choose from during the big matches.